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If you're not from Upstate New York, you may not have heard of salt potatoes or the most famous salt potato, Pepper. Pepper the Salt Potato was planing a visit to the New York State Fair with friends Jam the Jelly Jar, Snap the Pickle, and of course, Phil the Paper Bag. There's one problem. Pepper could find any excuse not to take a bath because potatoes like dirt. Despite the friends' efforts to get Pepper ready for the contest, Pepper wanted to stay dirty. He chanted his mantra, "I am who I am!" What are the chances Pepper will win a trophy for Best Potato of the Year at the State Fair?

Pepper's Affirmation.

Authenticity-being real to who you are and satisfied with yourself today and everyday.

Our stories exemplify coping skills, mindfulness, authenticity, bravery, and growth mindset. Reading together helps children deal with stress and anxiety.

So let’s pick up a book and read!

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This splashy tale begins in enormous Seneca Lake where a teeny fish has a dream. Pax the Perch wants to swim to the bubbly waterfall, but so many creatures are judging him and his dream. Some of the animals encourage him, some don't, and some simply don't care. Follow Pax the Perch as he carves his own path to adventure. Pax the Perch's adventure to be confident in himself may even inspire you to find your bravery!

Rosemund's Affirmation.

Self-esteem-learning anything is possible when you believe in yourself and accepting help from friends can make reaching the goal easier.

Slipperima's Affirmation.

Acceptance-seeing others for who they are even if they look or think differently than you.

​​​Aww, Fishsticks was Lenora's debut. What began as her search for living a lifelong dream turned into a children's book. After 35 years in engineering, she spends her time writing and drawing. "I am who I am!"

Being a princesa requires obedience, patience, and proper manners. At least, that's what the fairy tales say. As her parent's only hope, Princesa Rosemund has to change everything she knows to save them and to rescue the kingdom.

Pepper the Salt Potato

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Jenn's Affirmation.

Growth mindset-realizing our actions impact others' lives and the impact can last a lifetime for which we must be accountable. 

Pax's Affirmation.

Bravery-being courageous even when you are scared by making your own decisions.

Aww Fishsticks

Jenn Watters refuses to believe the local gossip running rampant through the villages along upstate New York's Owasco Lake. Jenn knows her father, Rolan Watters, a Great War fighter pilot, would never reveal United States military locations. There must be a better explanation for the clues in the postcards her father mailed to her from the airbase in France.

But a traitor? Impossible. Jenn has to find a way to prove his loyalty and innocence, or she may find out the unspeakable along the way.

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Royal Hullabaloo

Midnight Sneaks

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Slipperima, the Water Dragon, loves frolicking in the water weeds of Honeoye Lake in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. Catfish wants to meet Slipperima, but a fish and a dragon are so different. One of them is big and one of them is small. One has a long tail and one has a short tail. One has whiskers and one has wings. Can Catfish overcome his nervousness, discover common ground, and grow a real friendship with Slipperima despite their differences?

Quaver's Affirmation.

Feelings-defining and dealing with emotions, which can be found by exploring many external sources including music.

Meet Children's Author Lenora Riegel

Slipperima the Water Dragon